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Factory, Pollution, Protest

Kondh tribe, Niyamgiri, Odisha (Orissa)

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 Bauxite refinery of Vedanta-Sterlite at Lanjigarh. It produces aluminum ore.

 The factory causes a lot of air pollution. There is a huge amount of very toxic waste, which pollutes the water and soil.

 Washing in polluted water from the factory.

 Skin diseases.

 To give the impression it brings 'development' the Vedanta company started a school for small children.

 There were many protests of the villagers.

 People of the Dongri Kondh tribe.

 Sterlite is an Indian Vedanta subsidiary.

 'Vedanta Quit Niyamgiri'

 Another action: youngsters get an 'official' paper with their land rights.

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Photos: Action Aid Odisha - Creative Commons