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When it is not mentioned otherwise, the pictures on Peasant Autonomy are licensed as Creative Commons BY (attribution) and NC (noncommercial).

It means you can copy and distribute the pictures worldwide at no charge.
But only:
1. when you mention the name of the author who made the picture or the name of the organisation which provide the picture,
2. when you mention the website Peasant Autonomy (www.peasantautonomy.org), where you found the picture and
3. when you use the pictures for noncommercial purposes.

Creative Commons (CC) licenses are copyright licenses that allow the distribution of copyrighted works. CC licenses provide simple, standardized alternatives to the 'all rights reserved' paradigm of traditional copyright.

Read more at CC website or Wikipedia

We only publish pictures with the consent of the makers. For corrections and supplements, please contact us.

Contact: peasantautonomy@gmail.com