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Overview Uttarakhand South-West

Article about development and campaign organisation Himcon

Planting Trees

 Planting saplings.

Deforestation is the biggest problem in rural India today. Because agriculture is completely dependent on a good forests in the neighbourhood. When the forests are cut, the rivers, streams and springs will dry up in the summer time.
The best thing to help agriculture and improve village life in general is to plant many new trees and protect the the old trees against the timber mafia. That is what many villages already do.  Read more    More photos


 Farmer working in plant nursery.

Plant Nurseries

More photos about plant nurseries.


Safe Drinking Water

 The Slow Sand Filter: cheap, local construction, little maintenance

One of the biggest problems for the villagers in the Himalayas is safe drinking water. So the Himcon people were very happy when they found out that the University of Nagpur had a perfect solution: the Slow Sand Filter. In every village a semi skilled mason can build a unit with local materials and some cement. You only need some pipes to bring the water from a spring to the filter and from the filter to a tank. And that's it. Read more


 Villagers dig ponds to collect rain water in the monsoon.

Percolation Ponds

More photos about the construction of ponds and check dams.



More photos about the school for poor children.


Health Camp

More photos about a health camp for poor families.


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Photos: Himcon, Uttarakhand and Peasant Autonomy - Creative Commons