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How to Make a Citizens' Report

 A Citizens's Report about dams and tunnels in Uttarakhand.

A citizens' report can be very useful in the struggle against land grab.

1. Such a report starts with a short statement.
2. Then statistics (population and so on) and administration structure
3. Issues and problems
4. What our organisations have done already
5. Demands
6. Names of the people who have committed themselves to this report.

When the basic report is written, you can update it from time to time. You can give a copy to every journalist, officer, scientist, activist, and people from other villages or from NGOs who are interested in it. You also can publish it on a website.

The report should be written with the help of not only the village leaders, but of all the different communities. Not only men, but also women and youngsters should be involved.

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Download, as an example: Citizens' Report about Dams and Tunnels (Word, 29 KB)
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Photo: HPSS, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand and Peasant Autonomy - Creative Commons