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More Photos about Resistance

Uttarakhand Center

Overview articles and photos series about resistance

 Water forum members sing campaign song.

 Rally in New Tehri.

 Meeting in a town about tunnel project with specialist.

 Meeting people in village with tunnel project.

 Meeting people in another village with tunnel project.

 Sit-in demonstration villagers affected by Loharinahg-Pala tunnel project.

 Same meeting.

 Hunger strike in Uttarkashi against tunnel and dam projects, November 2005.

 Interview Activist Sushila Bhandari by ETV.

 Meeting at Dehradun; release of People's Water Policy Report in 2009.

 Release of People's Water Policy Report.

 Rally at Dehradun about water policy in 2009.

 Same demonstration at Dehradun.

 Same demonstration at Dehradun.

If on the peaks the trees remain

If on the peaks the trees remain
the rivers and glaciers will stay there

When the trees are cut
mountains will crumble
and we will die
a thousand deaths

When the forest is saved
the country will be saved
and every village will prosper

(Poem on a wall
at HPSS-center in Uttarkashi )

 Working on press-cuttings for the archive. November 2005.

From the Newspapers

 Demonstration in Dehradun

 Hunger strike in front of the District Administration office against construction of big dams.

 Street theater about dams and tunnels.

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Photos: HPSS, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand and Peasant Autonomy - Creative Commons