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Village Life Before Dumping the Mud

Kudubi Padavu hamlet, Permude village, near Mangalore, Karnataka

Once upon a time there was a beautiful village where an age old tribe lived: the Kudubis. The village was called Kudubi Padavu. For generations the Kudubis worked very hard and in the end the village became really prosperous. By all the irrigation works they realized they had two or sometimes three crops of paddy (rice) a year. So there was no hunger. They also grew vegetables on special fields and all the people had a nice house with a garden with all sort of fruit trees and flowers.

It was a hard work: ploughing, planting the paddy, weeding and harvesting. And also irrigating the vegetable fields by hand early morning and late in the evening. They sold the vegetables on the market in the city nearby, so they got some money for the school fees for their children. Everyone was happy and the children liked to 'help' their parents.

 A beautiful village, called Kudubi Padavu.

 Irrigation by hand.

 Temple of the Snake God.

 Hard work: ploughing ...

 ... planting.

 The buffaloes like the cool water.

 Time to harvest the paddy (rice).

 All sort of fruit trees.

 Growing vegetables to sell in the market in the city nearby.

 Like everywhere, the children like to 'help' their parents.

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Photos: Krishi Bhoomi Samrakshana Samiti and Peasant Autonomy - Creative Commons