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Resistance Against a Special Economic Zone

Overview Photo Series and Articles

 Truck loads of mud on the paddy fields.

Destruction for Special Economic Zone (SEZ)  More photos and article


 Nice houses, but no land. Now people have to buy everything on the market, what they got for free from their own garden earlier.

Some villagers got a new house a brand new village. It is called a Rehabilitation Colony. More photos and articles


  At October 2008 the government put truckloads mud on farmers' fields and destroyed their crops.

Dumping Mud on Farmers' Fields  More photos and articles


 Villagers (women, men, and children) blocked the road together with activists from Mangalore and religious leaders.

Protest Against the Dumping of the Mud  More photos and articles


 A criminal, working for the constructor, attacked the visiting hindu leader and several tribals.

Attack of a Goon  More photos and articles


 Painters went to the villages, had discussions with farmers and made paintings.

Artists' Support  More photos and articles


 Villagers tell their story.

Protest Conference in the city of Mangalore. More photos and articles


 Time to plant out the paddy (rice).

Yekkaru will not leave  The villagers are well decided. More photos and articles

Photos: Krishi Bhoomi Samrakshana Samiti and Peasant Autonomy - Creative Commons