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Destruction for Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

near Mangalore, Karnataka

 It started with an oil refinery, looking for extension.

 The company, together with the government put a lot of pressure on the farmers to sell their lands. Bulldozers leveled the hills.

MSEZL sells land for six times the purchasing price

From the national newspaper The Hindu, April 11, 2008

"MANGALORE: The Mangalore Special Economic Zone Limited (MSEZL) has sold over 80 acres (2.5 acre = ha) of land to a public sector undertaking at Rs. 41.31 crore (Rs 413 million) The sold land has been carved out of the Phase I of the MSEZ project for which 1,800 acres of land was acquired.
The land, which has been sold at Rs. 50 lakh (Rs. 5 million) an acre was bought from farmers for a fraction of this amount. The promoters of the project procured wet lands (irrigated agriculture lands) for Rs. 8.5 lakh (Rs. 850.000) an acre and dry land (non irrigated land) for Rs. 8 lakh (Rs. 800.000) an acre a little over a year ago.
(..) Speaking to The Hindu Madhukar Amin, president of the Krishi Bhoomi Samrakshana Samiti (Agriculture Land Protection Committee), said the stand of his organisation has been vindicated. 'It has been proved that the MSEZL is nothing more than a real estate agent. It has bought land at a throwaway price from poor farmers and sold it for six times the amount.'"

 Many trees were cut.

 When the villagers left their farms, they were destroyed to prevent the farmers coming back.

 The worship places for the Snake God are left.

 The ruins of a village bridge.

 The paddy (rice) fields are leveled too.

 A small concrete factory is build for all the construction work.

 There will be a huge wall to protect the SEZ against invaders.

 Construction of a power (electricity) line.

 Construction of a strategic oil storage place.

 Explosives are used to blow up the rocks under the fertile land.

 Mushroom cloud after an explosion.

 Refinery in the evening ...

 ... and the night.

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