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Actions near the Rabo Dam - Photos

resistance - Chhattisgarh, Raigarh District

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 Pump house near the Rabo dam, to pump the water to the Jindal iron factory.

 Villagers are angry because Jindal promised a job for every family, already ten years ago. But they didn't get it.

 The atmosphere becomes tense.

 Women and men block the road.

 Activist discusses the situation with a police officer. The police decided to instruct the pump house workers to stop pumping, because of possible 'law and order problems'.

 A dam is build to make an artificial lake and provide the Jindal company the water their iron factory needs.

 Villagers threatened Jindal to blow up the dam, when they don't get the promised jobs.

 Sometimes people are very angry. They rush to the factory and put everything in fire.

 They destroy trucks …

 ... windows …

 ... and cars.

 When the fire brigade and the police arrive a lot is already destroyed.

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Photos: Jan Chetana, Raigarh - Creative Commons