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Damming the North East

Flood of Hydro power Projects

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for bigger picture click on this photo Rally in Itanagar, July 2007.

No fewer than 168 big dams in the North East of India will be constructed in the coming decades. That is what the central Indian government, the banks and contractors have in mind. But the resistance is growing. Lepchas and Idu Mishmis tribals in Sikkim protest and in Assam there is a major political debate on the downstream impacts of dams.

The twenty page report Damming Northeast India tells you everything you want to know. About the displacement of thousands and thousands most tribal people, the loss of fertile land, the ruining of nature, the corruption, the farcical 'public hearings', the floods by the emergency releases after heavy rainfall and the big money for private companies.

for bigger picture click on this photo Idu Mishmi tribals oppose fake public hearing, March 2008.

for bigger picture click on this photo Protest against downstream effects of a big dam.

Damming the Northeast - juggernaut of hydro power projects threatens social and environmental security of region; Vagholikar, Neeraj. and Partha J. Das; Kalpavriksh, Aaranyak and ActionAid India; Pune/Guwahati/New Delhi, 2010.

Download the full report Damming Northeast India (20 pages; pdf, 1400 KB).

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Photos from report Damming Northeast India - Creative Commons